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My comprehensive reviews are a lot of work — if I were to do a full review of all music that I listen to, I would need need to give up sleeping, work, eating, etc — and I would still need to reduce the number of CDs / pieces that I listen to. So, I decided to add a new category of blog posts which I call “Listening Diary”, capturing CDs / music that I listen to without doing a full comparison between different recordings, but still worth a couple remarks in my blog — though typically not covering “casual listening” (e.g., stuff that I listen to only once in the review period). I expect to have at least a short set of remarks on the recordings mentioned here. In this posting I want to give a short, chronological table of these listening diary posts (yellow indicating the most recent entries).

To find my comments on a specific composition, or to find out which compositions by a given composer I have discussed, you may either use the blog search function, or you may use the top (secondary) menu to find specific compositions, or lists for a specific composer; specific artists can be found via tags, or through the blog search option in the main menu.

Interactive Table of Listening Diary Posts

Last update: 2021-04-18
DateComposer: Work(s) (Artists)Last Update
2021-03-02Lyadov: Complete works for Piano (Marco Rapetti, Olga Solovieva)2021-03-02
2017-12-29Ysaÿe: Sonatas for Solo Violjn, op.27 (Shumsky/Zimmermann/Zehetmair/Baráti)2017-12-29
2017-07-26Ries and Brüll: Piano Works (Oehler)2017-07-26
2017-05-05Crusell: Clarinet Concerto No.1 in E♭ op.1, No.2 in F minor op.5, No.3 in B♭ major op.11 (Johnson, Fröst)2017-05-05
2016-05-03Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor, op.129 (Queyras, Piatigorsky, Rostropovich)2016-05-24
2016-05-01Schumann: Violin Concerto in D minor, WoO 1 (Faust, Tetzlaff)2016-05-01
2015-10-31Schubert: 4 Impromptus, op.90, D.899 (Rubinstein, Schiff)2015-10-31
2015-10-26Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words), Variations opp.82, 83 (von Alpenheim)2015-10-26
2015-10-17Brahms: Violin Sonata No.2 A major, op.100 (Szeryng/Rubinstein, Kavakos/Wang, Faust/Melnikov)2015-10-17
2015-10-03R. Strauss: Violin Sonata E♭ major, op.18 (Haifetz/Sánder, Spivakov/Bezrodnyi, Frang/Lifits)2017-09-17
2015-08-31Prokofiev, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Paganini, Popper: Cello & Piano (Christoph Croisé & Oxana Shevchenko)2015-09-24
2015-08-04Monteverdi: L'Orfeo (Harnoncourt/Ponnelle, DVD)2015-08-04
2015-08-04Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea (Harnoncourt/Ponnelle, DVD)2015-08-04
2015-08-04Monteverdi: Il Ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria (Harnoncourt/Ponnelle, DVD)2015-08-04
2015-06-21Vivaldi: Concerti (Steger/Fasolis, Steinmann/Müller-Brühl, Carmignola)2015-06-21
2015-03-27Prokofiev: Sonatas for solo violin op.115 / Sonata for two violins op.56 (Mordkovitch/Young)2021-04-18
2015-03-27Shostakovich: Violin sonata op.134 (Mordkovitch/Benson, Gringolts/Vonsattel, Faust/Melnikov)2021-04-18
2015-03-27Schnittke: Praeludium in Memoriam D. Shostakovich (Mordkovitch/Young)2021-04-18
2014-12-29Franck: Prélude, Choral & Fugue (Rubinstein)2014-12-29
2014-12-27Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales, excerpts from Miroirs, Le tombeau de Couperin (Rubinstein, Gieseking)2014-12-27
2014-11-23Gallay: Concerts cachés, for Horn solo (Scott)2014-11-23
2014-11-23Gallay: Chamber music for natural horn ensemble (Les Chevaliers de Saint Hubert)2014-11-23
2014-08-24Byrd: Quadran Paven & Galliard; “Have with yow to Walsingame” (Moroney)2014-08-24
2014-08-24Bull: Keyboard works (Cok)2014-08-24
2014-08-19Prokofiev: Violin sonatas opp.80 & 94bis, 5 Melodies op.35bis (Ibragimova/Osborne)2014-08-19
2014-08-13Schubert: Lieder, incl. “Der Hirt auf dem Felsen” (Ferrier/Walter, Wunderlich/Giesen, Price/Sawallisch, Haefliger/Dähler)2014-08-13
2014-08-07Carreño: Ballad op.15, Piano pieces (Oehler)2014-08-07
2014-07-26Grieg: Ballad op.24, Lyric Pieces (Rubinstein)2014-07-26
2014-07-09Villa-Lobos: A Prole do Bebê, Suíte floral (Rubinstein)2014-07-09
2014-06-29Albéniz: Piano pieces / encores (Rubinstein, de Larrocha)2018-01-05
2014-06-29Granados: Piano pieces / encores (Rubinstein)2014-06-29
2014-06-29de Falla: Piano pieces / encores (Rubinstein)2014-06-29
2014-05-28Bartók: Violin concerto No.1 (Faust/Harding)2014-05-28
2014-05-28Bartók: Violin concerto No.2 (Faust/Harding, Kopatchinskaja/Eötvös)2014-05-28
2014-05-28Stravinsky: Violin concerto in D (Kopatchinskaja/Jurowski)2014-05-28
2014-05-28Prokofiev: Violin concerto No.2, op.63 (Kopatchinskaja/Jurowski)2014-05-28
2014-05-28Eötvös: Violin concerto “Seven” (Kopatchinskaja/Eötvös)2014-05-28
2014-05-28Ligeti: Violin concerto (Kopatchinskaja/Eötvös)2014-05-28
2014-05-11Mozart: Rondo a minor, K.511 (Rubinstein, Gieseking, Brautigam, Bezuidenhout)2015-06-09
2014-05-11Rachmaninoff: Prélude from “Morceaux de fantaisie” op.3 (Rubinstein)2014-05-11
2014-05-11Szymanowski: Mazurkas (Rubinstein)2014-05-11
2014-05-09Haydn: Andante con Variazioni F minor (Rubinstein, Buchbinder, Schornsheim, Staier)2014-05-09
2014-05-09Mendelssohn: Lied ohne Worte op.67/4, “Spinnerlied” (Rubinstein)2014-05-09
2014-05-07Rubinstein, Anton: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-05-07
2014-05-07Scriabin: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-05-07
2014-05-07Stravinsky: Trois Mouvements de Pétrouchka (Rubinstein, Pollini)2014-05-07
2014-05-07Mompou: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-05-07
2014-05-07Gershwin: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-05-07
2014-05-01Tchaikovsky: The Seasons op.37a (Ashkenazy)2014-05-01
2014-05-01Prokofiev: Visions fugitives op.22 (Rubinstein)2014-05-01
2014-04-30Chabrier: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-04-30
2014-04-30Fauré: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-04-30
2014-04-30Milhaud: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-04-30
2014-04-30Poulenc: Piano pieces (Rubinstein)2014-04-30
2014-04-28Busoni: Transcription of the Chaconne from Bach’s Violin Partita, BWV 1004 (Rubinstein)2014-04-28
2014-04-17Smetana: Má Vlast (Harnoncourt)2014-04-17
2014-04-17Dvořák: Symphonic Poems, opp.107 – 110 (Harnoncourt)2014-06-13
2014-04-13Arthur Rubinstein — The Complete Album Collection2014-04-13
2014-04-13Busoni: Transcription of Bach’s Toccata, Adagio & Fugue, BWV 564 (Rubinstein)2014-04-13
2014-04-08Mozart: Rondo for piano & orchestra in A, K.386 (Haskil, Ashkenazy, Bezuidenhout)2014-11-11
2014-04-05Mozart: Variations K.360 (Oistrakh/Badura-Skoda, Müllejans/Bezuidenhout)2014-04-05
2014-04-05Mozart: Adagio & Fugue K.546 (Hagen, Chiaroscuro)2014-04-05
2014-03-26Handel: Sonatas for wind instruments (Brüggen/Hayes, Schneider, Steger)2014-03-26
2014-02-07Corelli: Sonatas (Steger/Kitaya, Holloway/Mortensen, Montanari/Dantone)2015-05-22
2014-02-07Telemann: Recorder music (Steger/Kitaya)2014-02-07
2014-01-31Music for Recorder (Steger/Kitaya, Icarus Ensemble)2014-11-21
2013-12-21Music for Traverso or Recorder (Svendsen, Kuijken, Laurin/London Baroque)2014-01-16
2013-12-04Berg: Violin Concerto “Dem Andenken eines Engels” (Faust/Abbado)2013-12-04
2013-11-21Schubert: Compositions for Violin & Piano (Ibragimova/Tiberghien, Shiokawa/Schiff, Wispelwey/Giacometti)2017-06-28
2013-11-09Beethoven: Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus op.43 (Klemperer, Dausgaard, Zinman)2013-11-09
2013-10-27Vivaldi: 12 Concerti op.9, “La Cetra” (Podger)2013-10-27
2013-10-27Górecki: Symphony Nr.3, op.36 (Simonov, Zinman)2013-10-27
2013-09-30Beethoven: Sonata for horn and piano, op.17 (Scott/Cok)2014-08-22
2013-09-30Krufft: Sonata for horn and piano (Scott/Cok)2014-08-22
2013-09-30Leidesdorf: Sonata for horn and piano (Scott/Cok)2014-08-22
2013-09-30Scriabin: Piano sonata No.3, op.23 (Ashkenazy, Glemser, Hamelin)2014-08-22
2013-06-28Godowsky: 54 Studies on Chopin’s Etudes (Grante, Hamelin)2013-06-28
2013-03-31Bach: Partita B minor, BWV 831 (Gieseking, Gould, Rousset, Staier)2013-03-31
2013-03-31Bach: Italian Concerto BWV 971 (Gieseking, Landowska, Leonhardt, Staier, Rousset, Koopman)2013-03-31
2013-03-21Beethoven: Allegretto B minor WoO 61 (Mustonen, Brautigam)2013-03-21
2013-03-21Beethoven: Variations WoO 77 (Mustonen, Brautigam)2013-03-21
2013-03-21Beethoven: 6 Ecossaises WoO 83 (Mustonen, Brendel)2013-03-21
2013-03-15Bach: 4 Duetti BWV 802-805 (Koopman, Rousset)2013-03-15
2013-03-15Bach: Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue BWV 903 (Landowska, Staier, Rousset, Koopman)2013-03-15
2013-03-10Senfl: Songs (Huber/Näf/Staempfli/Piguet, Denys/La Caccia)2013-03-10
2013-03-09Handel: Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Curtis/Lemieux/Gauvin)2013-03-09
2013-02-17Schubert: Vocal duets, trios, quartets (Ameling/Baker/Schreier/Fischer-Dieskau)2013-02-17
2013-02-17Berlioz: Requiem op.5 (Ozawa)2013-02-17
2013-01-26Beethoven: Variations “A la Viganò” WoO 68 (Pletnev, Brautigam, Mustonen)2013-01-26
2013-01-26Mendelssohn: Organ sonatas op.65 (Gurtner, Schättin)2013-01-26
2013-01-18Duphly: Pièces de Clavecin (Rousset)2013-01-18
2013-01-18Weiss: Lute Sonatas (Imamura)2013-01-18
2012-12-31Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, lecture series at Wigmore Hall (Schiff)2012-12-31
2012-12-31Beethoven: Piano Sonata op.13 (Gulda, Gilels, van Immerseel, Brautigam)2015-08-20
2012-12-31Beethoven: Piano Sonata op.27/2 (Badura-Skoda, Barenboim, Backhaus, Schnabel Gulda, Pletnev, Gilels, van Immerseel, Brautigam)2015-08-20
2012-11-25Górecki: Miserere op.44, Amen op.35 (Nelson)2012-11-25
2012-11-25Pärt: Adam’s Lament (Kaljuste)2012-11-25
2012-11-22Chopin: Etudes op.25 (Ashkenazy, Pollini, Sokolov)2014-03-26
2012-11-22Chopin: Préludes op.28 (Argerich, Askenase, Barenboim, Pollini, Sokolov)2014-03-26
2012-11-22Chopin: Sonata op.39 (Argerich, Askenase, Avdeeva, Pollini, Sokolov)2014-03-26
2012-11-16Debussy: Images, Etudes (Aimard)2012-11-16
2012-11-16Debussy: Préludes (Aimard, Gulda)2012-11-16
2012-11-01Beethoven: Lieder (Wunderlich/Giesen)2012-11-01
2012-11-01Schumann: Dichterliebe op.48, Liederkreis op.39, other Lieder (Wunderlich/Giesen, Fischer-Dieskau/Moore, Bostridge/Drake, Goerne/Schneider, Terfel/Martineau)2012-11-01
2012-11-01Schumann: Piano Quintet op.44, Piano Quartet op.47 (Melnikov/Jerusalem Quartet, Levine/LaSalle Quartet)2012-11-01
2012-11-01Webern: Bagatellen op.9, 5 Stücke op.5 (Hagen Quartett)2012-11-01
2012-10-02Bach & other composers: Organ works (Scholze, Meinhold, Scheidegger, Koopman)2012-10-02
2012-09-29Scarlatti, Domenico: Keyboard Sonatas (Belder, Staier, Dantone)2012-09-29
2012-08-31Scarlatti, Domenico: Keyboard Sonatas (Belder, Staier)2012-08-31
2012-08-31Schubert: Mass A♭ major, Mass E♭ major (Harnoncourt)2012-08-31
2012-07-30Tignor: Together Into This Unknowable Night (Brooklyn Rider)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Schumann: Novelletten op.21 Nr.2, 4, 8 (Richter)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Franck: Cello (Violin) Sonata in A (Isserlis/Hough, Spivakov/Bezrodnyi, Perlman/Argerich)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Myaskovsky: Cello Sonata Nr.1 op.12 (Mørk/Thibaudet)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Rachmaninoff: Cello Sonata G minor op.19 (Mørk/Thibaudet, Isserlis/Hough)2015-10-03
2012-07-30Rachmaninoff: 2 Pieces for Cello & Piano op.2 (Mørk/Thibaudet, Isserlis/Hough)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Rachmaninoff: Vocalise (Evans/Isserlis/Hough)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Britten: Hymn to St. Cecilia (Christophers, Cantalea)2012-07-30
2012-07-30Tischhauser: Joggeli söll ga Birli schüttle (Tschupp)2012-07-30
2012-07-28Beethoven: Bagatelles op.126 (Schnabel, Gould, Ashkenazy, Brendel, Brautigam)2012-07-28
2012-07-28Beethoven: Variations “Venni amore” WoO 65 (Pletnev, Brautigam)2012-07-28
2012-07-28Schubert: Symphonies 7 & 8 (Furtwängler, Harnoncourt, Dausgaard)2012-07-28
2012-07-27Scarlatti, Domenico: Keyboard Sonatas (Belder)2012-07-27
2012-07-27Rameau: Suites d’Orchestre (Savall)2012-07-27
2012-07-27Rameau: Suites d’Orchestre (Savall)2012-07-27

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