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Last Update: 2020-12-17

Content Ownership

Unless noted otherwise, all material belongs to its author, Rolf Kyburz (see “Contact” for coordinates & further information)

All rights reserved. Referring to site contents is allowed, even invited. Quoting of extended sections from any post or page is allowed only with explicit, specific permission by the author, on a per-case basis. Ideally, such quoting is done with a featured image (say, at least one typical image), and an excerpt (either a summary, as provided with the posts, or a selected paragraph / portion of text—typically no more than 100 – 300 words). Any re-posting / sharing must include a link pointing to the article in the original blog site. It should also feature the name of the author, and ideally the title of the article, as well as the title of the blog, as in standard literature references. In online publishing, such quotes should be in the form of an active hyperlink, not just a URL in text form.

Reposting of entire articles, be it on Web sites or in print media, is strictly prohibited. Quoting of large / major portions of any posting (in exceptional cases only, and exclusively with explicit, specific permission on a case-by-case basis, as stated) is strongly discouraged.

The rights for images from external sources remains with the respective copyright holder. All rights for the author’s own photographs remain reserved. Reusing (copying, downloading, archiving) any such pictures only with explicit permission by the author.

Privacy, Content Integrity, Intellectual Property

The above restrictions have been implemented for good reasons:

  • The blog is meant to be a living document / resource. Its content is not frozen, but undergoing constant revision. Typos and factual errors are corrected, the layout is evolving even with the oldest content, and from time to time, some articles are revised / expanded.
  • Over the recent years, the blog postings have grown to a size of typically 3000 – 4000 words, which (as full quote) really isn’t suited for most media.
  • The blog content really only works in its native environment (“in the ecosystem of the blog”), because of the extensive, internal cross-linking. Also, the internal search facilities in the blog only work at the original blog site. The content is more than just the sum of its parts.
  • The layout in many articles (both recent concert critiques, as well as media reviews) is “fragile”, hardly copyable without serious distortion (especially around images & image galleries), which will ruin the readability. A lot of effort is spent on making the articles look readable. Moreover, the author does not have the time & resources (nor the intent) to deal with adjusting layout and contents for other media, handle proofreading, etc.
  • As stated above, the blog and all of its contents remain the intellectual property of the author.
  • The author spends virtually all his livelihood on maintaining, building and growing this blog. He doesn’t make any money from this activity. He therefore would regard it particularly unfair if third-party re-posters were to use it to feed commercial sites / journals for their own benefit.
  • The author has been approached about the possibility of mutual content sharing or similar agreements. For all of the above reasons, this is out of question. The author takes pride in keeping the blog free of commercials and third-party content, in order to keep the blog readable and distraction-free, and to assure his own quality standards in terms of content, layout, and functionality.

The author assumes no responsibility for external contents referred to in this blog.

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