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Music is a key part of my life — but I’m not a musician. The comments in this blog represent my personal opinion — no insult or injury intended: I do not mean to start big controversies about any subject — I merely want to present my thoughts & opinions on the music that I listen to. Before you start ranting in comments, please read into my personal thoughts & biographical notes — this gives you an idea where I’m coming from. All opinions are my own. Please feel free to share articles; quoting (excerpts) is only permitted with explicit reference/link to this blog. Enjoy!

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I have been listening to music ever since I was a child: music has always been a essential part of my life. However, I spent my professional life, with software and science (chemistry).

Rather than just enjoying music, I felt it may be useful to share my thoughts about it with others. That’s something I have had in mind for decades. Only a few years ago I grasped the opportunity to start a new life as a classical music blogger and concert critic. The latter happened more by accident than by intent. I find it highly enjoyable and gratifying nevertheless…

Passionclassical music (concert & CD reviews, blog)
Hobbies: photography, garden, nature
Past: science, software support, programming. Web content builder since 1995
Concerns: climate, environment, planet Earth, the 99%, the future of human society, fighting populism, lack of empathy, fake news, and conspiracy theories. In general, I try staying away from politics (certainly in this blog—maybe less so in social media) & religious topics.

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