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I have started my blog with notes that give some information on my personal biography and musical background. My CD reviews and other music reviews & comments should be regarded as my personal opinion. Therefore, one should view them on the basis of my personal biography.

The blog posts below cover (some of) my personal biography. The list also includes posts that really fall into the category of (personal) reflections. More of these are found in a separate list.

Encounters with Music Instruments (2011-07-07)
Early Encounters with Music (2011-07-08)
Music Teachers (2011-07-09)
Music Dreams (2011-07-17)
My Vinyl Record Collection (2011-07-26)
What’s in my LP Collection? (2011-07-27)
Transitioning from Vinyl to CD (2011-07-29)
My Digital Music Collection (2011-08-24 / 2015-08-21)
How I use iTunes (2011-09-06 / 2015-08-19)
From Local Music Collections into the Cloud? (2011-09-20)
Organ Fascination (2012-04-09)
Beethoven String Quartets — Personal Addendum (2013-12-25)
Experiences of a Lay Concert Agent (2017-03-15)
Blogging and Concert Reviews — Full-Time Jobs… (2019-11-10)
“Why Did You Not Include XYZ in Your Comparison?” (2020-02-29)

The dates (in parentheses) indicate the original posting date, followed by the date of the last update, where applicable. Red dates indicate recent updates and additions. Articles posted up till 2014-10 originally appeared in my predecessor blog (on Google’s Blogger). Unless noted otherwise, I have transferred them to this site without updating the content.

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