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Last updated: 2022-07-24

General Content Philosophy

This is the author’s personal music blog. The site pursues no commercial interests. It is kept free from advertisements or other, off-topic distractions. Comments and suggestions are allowed, even invited. However, otherwise, the author strictly does not consider accepting third-party input (such as articles or ads), even if auch input was on-topic.


Comments are welcome as long as they refer to the contents of this blog.

  • Visibility: once approved, comments are public and will be visible to all visitors. For personal messages to the author please use the Contact form / page.
  • Moderation: for reasons of security (spam protection), all comments are moderated. In other words: comments require prior approval by the author. Therefore, for any given visitor, the appearance of the first comment may be delayed.
  • Placement: in case a comment submission appears mis-placed, the editor takes the freedom to move approved comments to a suitable spot.
  • Netiquette: Comments not related to this blog, also comments with insulting or otherwise offending content will be rejected / suppressed / deleted.
  • Spam: (advertisements, comments luring readers into commercial, abusive or offending sites, etc.) are deleted immediately and without notice and further inspection.

Ratings, Likes

Blog posts and pages used to feature a “Like” button. Due to limitations in the implementation (accessible to WordPress users only), this has been eliminated. It also proved inefficient as a feedback mechanism: it was rarely ever used, and had too little visibility. The same applies to the “rating” option that was available for a few months. If you want to express your appreciation for specific blog posts, you may of course apply the appropriate reaction to the associated social media announcements (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

To comment on the content of a posting, for remarks on artists, their performances, or the music they perform, please use the feedback form at the bottom of the relevant post or page, see above. Besides that, you may also comment on my blog post announcements on social media (see the links in the sidebar). And you can always contact the author directly, see Contact.

User Accounts

Due to frequent (constant) abuse, creating user accounts is disabled.

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