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Last updated: 2019-11-09


  • Comments are welcome (as long as they refer to the contents of this blog); the editor takes the freedom to move approved comments to a suitable spot, in case the comment submission appears mis-placed.
  • Moderation: all comments are moderated. Comments not related to this blog, also comments with insulting or otherwise offending content will be rejected / suppressed.
  • Spam comments (advertisements, comments luring readers into commercial, abusive or offending sites, etc.) are deleted immediately and without notice and further inspection.

User Accounts:

  • Due to frequent (constant) abuse, creating user accounts is disabled.

Google and Other Searches:

  • There may still be links to my initial Blog site at Blogger (; that site no longer exists, such links will yield an error. Google and other search engines should long have been updated to point to the new site.

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