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Last updated: 2023-12-23

If you have problems with the contact form below, you can also find me via the following coordinates:

e-Mail: rolf(dot)kyburz(at)me(dot)com
Street address
: Rolf Kyburz, Wagerenstrasse 13, CH-8610 Uster ZH, Switzerland
Mobile: +41 79 136 72 60

In addition (though not intended for that purpose), you can contact me via the comment forms throughout this blog. Comments are reviewed before they appear in public. Also, I may move them to an appropriate location / blog post, if they appear to be mis-placed.

I’m avoiding the security implications of a contact form. Instead, you may contact me via the comment field below, or directly via e-mail, using the address given above.

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I announce new Blog posts via Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon, Twitter, and usually also on Tumblr. The following links take you to my respective accounts, where you can select to follow me.

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