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Last update: 2024-05-13

  • Primarily, I wish to thank all visitors / readers. I’m amazed to see how many people keep visiting my blog, even in periods when I haven’t posted many new articles. The number of visits is a great motivator for upcoming blog posts!
  • I also would like to thank readers who made comments to blog posts, and/or who stay in contact with me via channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Thanks to the people at for getting me into serious concert reviewing. My blog would look entirely different without that.
  • The concert reviewing led to extremely inspiring and stimulating contacts with artists. I’m infinitely grateful for each one of these encounters. They have boosted my motivation in the area of concert reviews.
  • Thanks to my daughter Deborah. She has been the initial trigger for getting me into blogging, back in 2011.
  • Thanks to both Deborah, as well as to my wife Lea, who have helped with comments.
  • Also, many thanks to Deborah for motivating me to switch to WordPress as blogging platform, and for hints about using SEO.
  • Thanks to our former neighbor Véronique, for valuable suggestions on layout, front and main lead pages.
  • Thanks to Lea for joining me in concert visits, and for valuable discussions on findings & opinions leading up to a critique.
  • I’m immensely grateful for all the tedious, meticulous proofreading by my wife Lea: she finds errors (word duplications, etc.) that evade the powers of DeepL Write or the spell checking in MS Word.
  • Finally: thanks to Lea for supporting me in the laborious revisions, platform transitions / upgrades, and in all the subsequent work on the site.

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