Received for Reviewing

This covers responses to submissions for review, i.e., artists, composers, agents or others who have sent me music / media for reviewing. I’m keeping this as separate list of reviews, just so that you are clear about the “mechanism”. With music that I have purchased, I’m usually quite outspoken. I treat “gifts” similar to a concert review, i.e., I may be a little more careful. I won’t deliver complacency judgments, though, but will rather refuse to review and/or return the media if I think that my comment(s) might be detrimental to the submitter (artist / composer).

Note that I don’t always supply a rating. For example, I don’t rate DVDs / video recordings. And I may choose not to rate if I don’t have sufficient “points of reference” in a given field / area. The absence of a rating has no implication on the quality / value of a given recording. My reviews & comments just represent my personal opinion, as usual.

If you consider sending me music for reviewing: note that I’m pretty “booked out”, i.e., I can’t guarantee responses in a given time, nor even that I will review unsolicited submissions (you may want to check with me first). Please also read “Concert Critiques & Media Reviews: A Note to Organizers, Agencies, & Artists” (also available in German: “Hinweise für Konzertagenturen, Ensembles und MusikerInnen“)

Media Received for Reviewing

Last update: 2023-10-26
Composer(s)Title / WorkArtist(s)RatingFocusNew/Updated
Ammann, Dieter (*1962)Core – Turn – Boost, Unbalanced instability (CD, 2022)Simone Zgraggen, Baldur Brönnimann, Basel Sinfonietta★★★★½Composer, Artists2023-04-12
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 – 1750)Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo, BWV 1001 – 1006 (viola)Atilla Aldemir, viola(see review)Artist, Performance2023-03-07
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 – 1750)Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo, BWV 1004 – 1006Sebastian Bohren(see review)Artist, Performance2023-03-07
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 – 1750)Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo, BWV 1001 – 1006Tomás Cotik(see review)Artist, Performance2023-03-07
Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685 – 1750)6 Suites for Cello Solo, BWV 1007 – 1012Pablo de Naverán(see review)Artist, Performance2023-10-26
Bacri, Nicolas (*1961)Piano Sonatas (CD, 2020)Sabine Weyer★★★★Composer/Works, Artist2021-06-26
Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 – 1827)Violin Sonatas No.9 (Kreutzer) & No.10 (The Cockcrow) (CD, 2020)Lina Tur Bonet, Aurelia Vişovan★★★★★Performance, Artists2021-04-24
Danzi, Franz (1763 – 1826)Piano Concerto in E♭, Cello Concerto in E minor, Overture in D (CD, 2018)Nareh Arghamanyan, Aurélien Pascal, Howard Griffiths, MCO★★★★Artists2018-06-28
Dessner, Bryce (*1976)Aheym, Tenebre, Skrik Trio, Lachrymae (CD, 2019)Ensemble Resonanz, Hamburg★★★★Artists, Composer2020-01-18
Kobekin, Vladimir (*1947)Works for cello / cello & piano (CD, 2016)Anastasia Kobekina, Vladimir Kobekin★★★★Composer, Works2021-02-04
Lourié, Arthur (1892 – 1966)Piano works (CD, 2018)Christian Erny★★★½Composer, Artist2018-07-01
Mahler, Gustav (1860 – 1911)Symphony No.8 in E♭ major (video/BD, Lucerne, KKL, live, 2016)Riccardo Chailly, Lucerne Festival Orchestra★★★★Performance, Artists2017-08-07
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756 – 1791)Divertimento in E♭ major, K.563; String Trio in G, K.562e (CD, 2019)Trio Oreade★★★Artists2019-07-31
Myaskovsky, Nikolai (1881 – 1950)Piano Sonatas (CD, 2020)Sabine Weyer★★★★Composer/Works, Artist2021-06-26
Psathas, John (*1966)Works for Percussion and Piano (CD Presentation)Fabian Ziegler, Akvilė Šileikaitė★★★★½Artists, Composer/Works2022-12-16
Shostakovich, Dmitri (1906 – 1975)Violin Sonata, op.134, arr. Tsinman / Pushkarev (Download, 2018)Sebastian Bohren, Igor Karško / Camerata Zürich★★★★½Performance, Arrangement2021-04-21
Stravinsky, Igor (1882 – 1971)Complete Music for Solo Piano (CD, 2018)Oxana Shevchenko★★★★½Performance, Artist2019-12-05
Verdi, Giuseppe (1813 – 1901)Messa da Requiem, Ballet (video/DVD, Zurich Opera, live, 2016)Christian Spuck, Fabio Luisi, Philharmonia, Ballet & Choir of Zurich Opera★★★★½Performance, Artists2017-10-29
Waller, Michael Vincent (*1985)The South Shore (2 CDs, 2015)(various)Composer, Works2015-03-05
(various, see post)Miniaturen 4: compositions and transcriptions for harp (CD, 2020)Silke Aichhorn★★★Artist, Works2020-08-21

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