Thomas J. Hubschman (Blog Comment, 2017-04-17)

So glad to see your reviewing this sonata, Rolf. I have the Brautigam version and love it. But I have to confess I never had much interest in the sonatas until I heard him playing them on a Graf. On that instrument, and of course in his hands, they are an entirely different work of music that may as well have been written by a different composer. (…)
I listened to the Brautigam (partly because you had spoken well of him) and realized what I was hearing must be what Beethoven wrote. (…)

Again, thanks for these reviews of this sonata, which I’m looking forward to hearing, and especially for turning me on to Ronald Brautigam in the past.

Concert Review “Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.32, op.111

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