Thomas J. Hubschman (Blog Comment, 2017-02-19)

I entirely share your assessment of Yulianna’s Chopin, of course. I appreciate the frankness with which you express your enthusiasm for it. Too much criticism in the arts is so heavily masked in pretentious abstraction. The woman works miracles with Chopin. As I wrote in an early entry to her Facebook page, she “made Chopin come alive for me.” I meant what I said. All the others’ is dead to me, without interest, certainly without the rich feeling she communicates to me. I know this is an extreme reaction. Chopin is, after all, still Chopin no matter who plays the music. But, there it is. (…)
Thanks for the very interesting review

Concert Review “Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Aarau, 2017-03-05

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