Danny Tunick (Blog Comment, 2017-07-23)

Really appreciate this detailed review! I’ve been a large fan of Fornerod ever since encountering his ‘Concert pour 2 violons et piano’ on a now-obscure LP compilation of Swiss composers (performed by Andree Wachsmuth-Loew and Anne-Marie Grunder, violins and Rose Dobos, piano, in a version that is in my opinion both much warmer/more passionate and lighter – more French? – than the version currently available on YouTube by the Tschloss sisters). When played with an understanding lightness of touch, his music has many passages of intelligence and beauty.

I’ve since acquired the CD containing the piece referenced by Gianmaria above, ‘Le voyage de printemps.’ It also contains a second orchestral piece of his (2e Concert pour orchestre de chambre op.35), and I listen to both pieces for pleasure pretty regularly, when I need a fix of Swiss/French light. This CD (Swiss Symphonic Composers, vol. 2) is also conducted by Emmanuel Siffert, who seems to be a great champion of Fornerod – thanks M. Siffert! and I am very excited to hear about the new CD of the performance described above, and to hear Oxana Shevchenko play, who I had not heard of. Ordering the CD now.

Anyways, made my day!

Concert Review “Oxana Shevchenko, Emmanuel Siffert: Aloÿs Fornerod — Lausanne, 2015-12-05

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