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Ensemble NameMedia ReviewsConcert ReviewsChamber Music Ensemble Type
20>>21 EnsembleCDContemporary
Alban Berg QuartettCDString Quartet
Amadeus QuartetCDString Quartet
Artemis QuartetCDString Quartet
Les Arts FlorissantsCDBaroque
Beaux Arts TrioCDPiano Trio
Brooklyn RiderCDString Quartet
Busch QuartetCDString Quartet
La CacciaCDBaroque
Camerata KölnCDBaroque
Les Chevaliers de Saint HubertCDNatural Horn Quartet
Chiaroscuro QuartetCDString Quartet
Le Concert des NationsCDBaroque
Continuo ConsortCDBaroque
Cuarteto CasalsConcertString Quartet
Dedalus EnsembleCDContemporary
Duo PraxedisConcertDuo
Emerson String QuartetCDString Quartet
Endellion String QuartetCDString Quartet
Florestan TrioCDPiano Trio
Gringolts QuartetConcertString Quartet
Guarneri String QuartetCDString Quartet
Hagen QuartettCDConcertString Quartet
Icarus EnsembleCDBaroque
Jerusalem QuartetConcertString Quartet
Kelemen QuartetConcertString Quartet
Kuijken QuartetCDString Quartet
LaSalle QuartetCDString Quartet
Lautten CompagneyCDBaroque
Leipziger StreichquartettCDString Quartet
London BaroqueCDBaroque
Melos Quartett StuttgartCDString Quartet
Oliver Schnyder TrioCDConcertPiano Trio
Pavel Haas QuartetConcertString Quartet
Project SiSCDContemporary
Quartetto ItalianoCDString Quartet
Quatuor MosaïquesCDString Quartet
Quatuor Sine NomineConcertString Quartet
Red DesertCDContemporary
Ricercare-Ensemble für alte Musik, ZürichCDBaroque, Renaissance
Schnyder TrioConcertPiano Trio
La Scintilla dei FiatiConcertHIP Wind Ensemble
Signum QuartettConcertString Quartet
Sonatori de la Gioiosa MarcaCDBaroque
Takács QuartetCDString Quartet
Tal & Groethuysen (Yaara Tal, Andreas Groethuysen)CDConcertPiano Duo
Taverner ConsortCDBaroque
Trio FontenayCDPiano Trio
Trio VeraciniCDBaroque
Trio WandererCDPiano Trio
Trio ZimmermannConcertPiano Trio
TwoPianists (Nina Schumann, Luis Magelhães)ConcertPiano Duo
Voces IntimaeCDPiano Trio

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