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ArtistMedia ReviewsConcert ReviewsInstrument / Function
Bellocq, ErichCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Dombois, Eugen M.CD, DVDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Egüez, EduardoCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Feehan, BrianCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Grubinger, MartinConcertsPercussion
Hellemont, Ludovic, vanConcertsCelesta
Hug-Rütti, PraxedisConcertsHarp
Imamura, YasunoriCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Lislevand, RolfCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Maistre, Xavier, deConcertsHarp
Mangor, ViggoCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.
Millar, CynthiaConcertsOndes Martenot
Ott, GiuliaConcertsHarp
Perrault, BrunoConcertsOndes Martenot
Pianca, LucaCDLute, Guitar, Theorbo, etc.

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