Mozart: Adagio & Fugue; Variations K.360 (Diary 2014-04-05)

Mozart: Adagio & Fugue in C minor, K.546 — Hagen Quartett / Chiaroscuro Quartet;
Mozart: 6 Variations for Piano & Violin on “Au bord d’une fontaine” in G minor, K.360/374b — David Oistrakh, Paul Badura-Skoda / Petra Müllejans, Kristian Bezuidenhout

Mozart: String Quartet No.16 in E♭ major, K.428

Mozart: String Quartet K.428 — comparing recordings with the following artists: Alban Berg Quartett (1990), Chiaroscuro Quartet (2012), Hagen Quartett (2001), Hagen Quartett (2010), Quartetto Italiano (1966)

Early Encounters with Music

… I listened to all the shallow music that was broadcasted on the radio around 1960 (our radio was an old “steam radio” built into a book shelf). I also distinctly remember that on Sundays the radio always played classical music — typically chamber music, such as music for wind instruments by Mozart — and I hated that music — not because I disliked it, but …