Pires, Popović, «Partitura Workshop 2018» — Zurich, 2018-11-02

Concert review, Maria João Pires, Miloš Popović, Teo Gheorghiu, Annika Treutler, Giorgi Iuldashevi, Marta Cardoso Patrocínio, Marianna Uzankichyan, Richard Octaviano Kogima @ Zurich, 2018-11-02 — Orpheum Concert: A musical setting with texts by Frédéric Sounac (Mona Petri, recitation), featuring piano works by Bach and Chopin, presented by Maria João Pires, Miloš Popović, and participants of the “Partitura Workshop 2018”

Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Wetzikon, 2018-02-02

Concert review, Piano Recital Yulianna Avdeeva @ KZO Wetzikon, 2018-02-02 — Bach: Toccata in D major, BWV 912; Bach: Partita in B minor, BWV 831 (“French Overture”); Chopin: Mazurki in B♭ major op.7/1, A minor op.7/2, F minor op.7/3, A♭ major op.7/4; Chopin: Piano Sonata No.3 in B minor, op.58

Piotr Anderszewski — Piano Recital, Zurich, 2017-05-30

Concert Review, piano recital Piotr Anderszewski @ Tonhalle Zurich, 2017-05-30 — Schumann: Variations in E♭ major, WoO 24, “Ghost Variations” — Mozart: Fantasia in C minor, K.475/Piano Sonata No.14 in C minor, K.457 — Leoš Janáček: On an Overgrown Path, Book II — Chopin: Three Mazurki, op.59; Polonaise No.7 in A♭ major “Polonaise-fantaisie”, op.61

Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Aarau, 2017-03-05

Yulianna Avdeeva, Piano Recital, Kultur- & Kongresshaus Aarau, 2017-03-05 — Bach: Toccata in D major, BWV 912; Bach: Overture in the French Style, BWV 831; Chopin: Four Mazurkas, op.7; Chopin: Piano Sonata No.3 in B minor, op.58

Pietro De Maria — Piano Recital, Zurich, 2016-10-25

Concert review: Piano recital Pietro De Maria, ETH Zurich / Semper-Aula, 2016-10-25: piano works by Chopin (Mazurki op.7/3, op.23/2, op.63/3; Ballade op.23; Nocturne op.27/2; Scherzo op.31) — Ligeti (Etudes Nos.8, 5, 13) — Liszt (Valse-Caprice No.6, Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, Etude No.3 “La Campanella”)

Yulianna Avdeeva — Warsaw (online), 2014-05-30

On 2014-05-30, the final concert from the season 2013/2014 in the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall was broadcast online. The concert featured Yulianna Avdeeva, the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir under the direction of Jacek Kasprzyk, and the tenor Thomas Warmijak. The program for the concert included…