Experiences of a Lay Concert Agent

A collection of experiences / lessons learned from organizing concerts / piano recitals for an artist, maybe a draft protocol for future instances?

Christoph Croisé & Oxana Shevchenko — Zurich, 2015-11-07

Duo recital with Christoph Croisé and Oxana Shevchenko, Tonhalle Zurich, 2015-11-07 — Béla Bartók: Rhapsody No.1 for cello and piano, Sz.88 / BB 94; Claude Debussy: Cello Sonata in D minor (1915); Franz Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata in A minor, D.821; Alberto Ginastera: Pampeana No.2 – Rhapsodie for cello and piano

Basel Sinfonietta: Ísland — Zurich, 2015-10-03

Tonhalle Zurich, 2015-10-03: The Basel Sinfonietta, directed by Daníel Bjarnason, and Víkingur Ólafsson (piano) with the program “Epicycle 1”, featuring exclusively works of composers from Iceland, namely Jón Leifs, Þráinn Hjálmarsson, Anna S. Þorvaldsdóttir, Hlynur Aðils Vilmarsson, and Daníel Bjarnason

Batiashvili, Capuçon, Widmann, Bringuier — Zurich, 2015-09-16

2015-09-16, Season’s Opening Concert with the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich under Lionel Bringuier — Johannes Brahms: Double Concerto in a-minor, op.102, with Lisa Batiashvili (Artist in Residence) & Gautier Capuçon; compositions by and with Jörg Widmann, clarinet and Creative Chair; Alexander Scriabin: Symphony No.4, “Poème de l’extase”, op.54