DVD — Mahler: Symphony No.8 — Riccardo Chailly / LFO

Gustav Mahler, Symphony No.8 in E♭ major (“Symphony of a Thousand”) — Riccardo Chailly, Lucerne Festival Orchestra (Lucerne Festival 2016, Opening Concert in the KKL); with Ricarda Merbeth, Juliane Banse, Anna Lucia Richter, Sara Mingardo, Mihoko Fujimura, Andreas Schager, Peter Mattei, Samuel Youn, Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Latvian Radio Choir, Orfeón Donostiarra, Tölzer Knabenchor. Blu-ray disk, received for reviewing.

Vivaldi: Recorder Concerti (Diary 2015-06-21)

Listening diary post, covering recordings of recorder concerti by Antonio Vivaldi (including some related concerti for violin), played by Maurice Steger / Diego Fasolis / I Barocchisti (2 CDs, 2000 & 2014), Conrad Steinmann / Helmut Müller-Brühl / Cappella Clementina (1978), and by Giuliano Carmignola (violin) / Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca (1999) — 18 different concerti total, including 2 versions of “La Notte”, and 2 versions of “Il gardellino”.

Albrecht Mayer, Norrington / ZKO — Zurich, 2014-11-25

(…) The last position in the program (after the intermission) was Mozart’s Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550, in its first version (without clarinets), preceded by some explanations (in English) by the conductor. Sir Roger Norrington first alluded to numeric relations between the two symphonies (No.4 vs. No.40 — second vs. second-to-last symphony), then referred to the fact that K.550 is overused, known too well even, and played in warehouses and escalators…