Klavierissimo 2023: Alexander Lonquich — Piano Recital, Wetzikon ZH, 2023-02-22

Concert review, ★★★★½, Alexander Lonquich @ KZO, Wetzikon ZH, 2023-02-22 (Klavierissimo Festival 2023 / Top Klassik Zürcher Oberland) — CPE Bach: Free Fantasy in F♯ minor, Wq.67, H.300; Schumann: Arabesque in C major, op.18; Liszt: Bagatelle sans tonalité, S.216a; Schönberg: Klavierstück op.11/2; Liszt: Années de Pèlerinage, 1ère Année, S.160 — 6.Vallée d’Obermann; Busoni: Adaptation of Klavierstück op.11/2 by Arnold Schönberg, BV B 97; Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze op.6; Chopin: Impromptu No.2 (encore)
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Martin Helmchen — Piano Recital, Baden, 2018-10-26

Concert review, Piano Recital Martin Helmchen @ Druckerei, Baden/CH, 2018-10-26 — Schumann: 8 Novelletten, op.21; Clara Schumann: Soirées musicales, op.6 (excerpts); Schönberg: 6 Little Pieces for Piano, op.19; Bach: Partita No.4 in D major, BWV 828 (Sarabande); Messiaen: Vingt regards sur l ́Enfant-Jésus (excerpt); Chopin: Waltz No.3 in A minor, op.34/2, B.64; Liszt: Bagatelle sans tonalité, S.216a; Liszt: “Nuages gris”, S.199

Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Zurich, 2011-09-26

(…) I’m not a professional concert reviewer — but unfortunately, this event went largely unnoticed by the media, and at least in the two newspapers I checked (the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and our local newspaper) the concert was not reviewed at all, so let me try giving at least some rudimentary, subjective comments on how I experienced the evening…