Ariel Lanyi / Prix Serdang — Feldbrunnen, 2023-06-25

Concert review, ★★★★½, Prix Serdang 2023 for Ariel Lanyi. Award award ceremony and recital @ Villa Serdang, Feldbrunnen SO, 2023-06-25 — Hugo Wolf: Italienisches Liederbuch (Italian Songbook), HWW 159 (selection, arranged for piano by Ariel Lanyi); Robert Schumann: Symphonic Etudes in C♯ minor, op.13 (including the 5 extra variations, op.posth.)
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Early Encounters with Music

… I listened to all the shallow music that was broadcasted on the radio around 1960 (our radio was an old “steam radio” built into a book shelf). I also distinctly remember that on Sundays the radio always played classical music — typically chamber music, such as music for wind instruments by Mozart — and I hated that music — not because I disliked it, but …