John Bull: Keyboard Music (Diary 2014-08-24)

Keyboard Music by John Bull (“Dr. Bull’s Jewel”), played by Kathryn Cok, with a glimpse on related works by William Byrd (“Have with yow to Walsingame” BK 8, “Quadran Paven & Galliard” BK 70), included in the recording of all of Byrd’s keyboard works with Davitt Moroney

Encounters with Music Instruments

… in a family with 5 boys. My mother had been playing recorder when she was young. I remember that she had 2 – 3 recorders (alto and soprano). With 5 boys there was very little chance for quiet times to play — and for the instruments to survive! Once we got our hands on these instruments, we ruined them quickly by biting into the mouthpiece, destroying the labium with screwdrivers or needles, etc. …