Why Did You Not Include XYZ in Your Comparison?

In response to reader comments & suggestions: once written, my media reviews and comparisons can usually not be amended / expanded. After all, the blog is a “one man show”. However, comments and suggestions by readers can form a valuable complement to any review or comparison.
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My Digital Music Collection

(…) In the title I used “digital music collection” — this is a more accurate description, for two reasons: not all this music was bought in the form of CDs — some of these were MP3 or equivalent purchases, plus, the CDs for me are more of an archival medium — the active part of the collection is in my computer…

My Vinyl Record Collection

(…) for the following years, essentially all the money that I earned during my vacation jobs went into LP purchases. What was my guide in collecting LPs? Well, as I was listening to classical music on the radio just about all the time, I came across plenty of music that “talked to me”; unfortunately, LPs at that time were expensive…