Fabian Ziegler, Raphael Christen — Der MaiHof, Lucerne, 2019-12-01

Concert review, ★★★★, Fabian Ziegler, Raphael Christen @ Der Maihof, Lucerne, 2019-12-01 — Avner Dorman (*1975): Udacrep Akubrad; Alejandro Viñao (*1951): Dance Groove Drifting; Steve Reich (*1936): Piano Phase; Emmanuel Séjourné (*1961): Departures
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CD — M.V. Waller: The South Shore

Received from the composer, for reviewing: M.V. Waller — “The South Shore” (2015): (…) Michael Vincent Waller’s music is typically calm, contemplative, meditative, and it (usually slowly) evolves from small melodic, harmonic, and/or rhythmic cells, avoiding abrupt changes in dynamics and texture. In many ways (and in many pieces) it reminds me of chamber music by Arvo Pärt…