Bach: Italian Concerto, French Overture (Diary 2013-03-31)

Bach: Italian Concerto in F major, BWV 971 — Walter Gieseking (1940), Wanda Landowska (1933), Gustav Leonhardt (1965), Andreas Staier (1993), Ton Koopman (1986), Christophe Rousset (1990);
Bach: Partita in B minor, BWV 831, “French Overture” — Walter Gieseking (1950), Glenn Gould (1970), Christophe Rousset (1990), Andreas Staier (1993)

Progress in Tuning?

My original intent was to write a blog entry about how we tune our harpsichord (i.e., both what type of tuning we aim for, as well as how we achieve that technically). However, then I realized that I can’t discuss the technicalities of tuning without first defining what I mean with the various terms. People who know how to tune a harpsichord should stop reading here…

Encounters with Music Instruments

… in a family with 5 boys. My mother had been playing recorder when she was young. I remember that she had 2 – 3 recorders (alto and soprano). With 5 boys there was very little chance for quiet times to play — and for the instruments to survive! Once we got our hands on these instruments, we ruined them quickly by biting into the mouthpiece, destroying the labium with screwdrivers or needles, etc. …