Klavierissimo 2022: Marc-André Hamelin — Piano Recital, Wetzikon ZH, 2022-02-23

Concert review, ★★★★, Marc-André Hamelin @ KZO, Wetzikon ZH, 2022-02-23 (Klavierissimo Festival 2022) — C.P.E. Bach: Suite in E minor, Wq 62/12, H.66; S. Prokofiev: Sarcasms, op.17; A. Scriabin: Piano Sonata No.7, op.64, “Messe blanche” (White Mass); L.v. Beethoven: Piano Sonata No.29 in B♭ major, op.106, “Hammerklaviersonate”
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Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Baden/CH, 2014-03-08

(…) Yulianna’s playing was excellent! She is very virtuosic and very expressive! Where the tempo permits, she is nearly as clear in the articulation as Steven Hough — but she is way more expressive; unlike Volodos, she follows the score; she is not overpowering the music like Volodos, but has more agility than her Russian colleague (and avoids his unnecessary additions, I should say), she is often almost as fast and eruptive as Cziffra in the virtuosic octave passages, but in general keeps her articulation under control…

Alkan: Études dans tous les tons mineurs op.39

Alkan: Études dans tous les tons mineurs op.39 — This includes “Symphony for solo piano” op.39/4-7, “Concerto for solo piano” op.39/8-10, and “Le festin d’Ésope” op.39/12 — interpretations by Jack Gibbons and Marc-André Hamelin; related works on the CDs (also by Alkan) are also discussed briefly, with a glimpse on other interpretations, such as by Yeol Eum Son, Vincenzo Maltempo, and Stephanie McCallum

Krufft, Beethoven, Scriabin (Diary 2013-09-30)

Horn and Fortepiano (Beethoven, Krufft, Leidesdorf) — Anneke Scott (natural horn) & Kathryn Cok (fortepiano); Scriabin: Piano Sonata No.3 in F♯ minor, op.23 — Vladimir Ashkenazy, Bernd Glemser, Marc-André Hamelin