Rubinstein — France (Diary 2014-04-30)

Rubinstein’s Recording Repertoire: Music by French Composers: Chabrier (Scherzo-valse from 10 Pièces pittoresques), Fauré (Andante con moto from 3 Nocturnes op.33), Milhaud (Nos. 5, 9, 11 from “Saudades do Brasil”, op.67), Poulenc (Napoli, 3 Mouvements perpétuels, Intermezzi Nos.2 & 3)

Arthur Rubinstein’s Recordings

A “statistical overview” over the recordings on the 142 CDs included with the box set “Arthur Rubinstein, The Complete Album Collection”

My Digital Music Collection

(…) In the title I used “digital music collection” — this is a more accurate description, for two reasons: not all this music was bought in the form of CDs — some of these were MP3 or equivalent purchases, plus, the CDs for me are more of an archival medium — the active part of the collection is in my computer…