Mendelssohn & Enescu: String Octets (Diary 2023-07-24)

Media Review (Listening Diary) — Gringolts Quartet and Meta4 performing Mendelssohn Octet op.20 & Enescu String Octet op.7; comparisons with Emerson String Quartet (Mendelssohn), Merel Quartet & Castalian String Quartet (Mendelssohn), and Vilde Frang & Friends (Enescu)
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Ilya Gringolts, Nicolas Altstaedt, Alexander Lonquich — Stadtcasino, Basel, 2023-01-21

Concert review, ★★★★★, Ilya Gringolts, Nicolas Altstaedt, Alexander Lonquich — Hans Huber-Saal, Stadtcasino, Basel, 2023-01-21 (Mizmorim Chamber Music Festival) — Debussy: Piano Trio in G major, L.5; Wolpe: From “Three Time Wedding” for Piano; Kodály: Duo for Violin and Cello, op.7; Bloch: “From Jewish Life” for Cello and Piano; Bloch: “Nigun” from “Baal Shem” for Violin and Piano; Korngold: Piano Trio in D major, op.1
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Vilde Frang & Friends — Tonhalle Maag, Zurich, 2018-03-12

Concert review: Vilde Frang, Tai Murray, Gregory Ahss, Rosanne Philippens, Lawrence Power, Lily Francis, Nicolas Altstaedt, Jan-Erik Gustafsson @ Tonhalle Maag, Zurich, 2018-03-12 — Veress: Trio per archi (1954); Arensky: String Quartet No.2 in A minor, op.35; Enescu: String Octet in C major, op.7

Altstaedt & Lonquich / Beethoven — Zurich, 2017-11-18

Concert review, Nicolas Altstaedt & Alexander Lonquich @ Tonhalle Maag, Zurich, 2017-11-18 — Ludwig van Beethoven: The 5 Cello Sonatas, i.e., No.1 in F major op.5/1; No.2 in G minor op.5/2; No.3 in A major op.69; No.4 in C major op.102/1; No.5 in D major op.102/2