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This covers responses to submissions for review, i.e., artists, composers, agents or others who have sent me music / media for reviewing. I’m keeping those separate from reviews of music in my personal library, just so that you are clear about the “mechanism”: with music that I have purchased, I’m usually quite outspoken. “Gifts” (even if they were done with the intent of getting a review), I treat similar to a concert review, i.e., I may be a little more careful. I won’t deliver complacency judgments, though, but will rather refuse to review and/or return the media if I think that my comment(s) might be detrimental to the submitter / artist / composer.

If you consider sending me music for reviewing: note that I’m pretty “booked out”, i.e., I can’t guarantee responses in a given time, nor even that I will review unsolicited submissions (you may want to check with me first).

Also, I will only consider reviewing music that falls into what I consider classical music (my key focus being between the 15th and the early 20th century), and which I feel competent enough to comment (i.e., no cross-over / fusion, no Jazz, no folk, no Pop/Rock, etc., etc.). Even within classical music, I (usually) don’t review opera—I feel that I don’t have the competence to write about stage direction etc.—and for ballet performances I even lack the vocabulary (whatever language!) to describe what I see etc.

Media Received for Review

Last update: 2018-07-01
DateArtist(s)Composer(s)Title / WorkFocus
2018-07-01Christian ErnyLourié, Arthur (1892 - 1966)Piano works (CD, 2018)Composer, Artist
2018-06-28Nareh Arghamanyan, Aurélien Pascal, Howard Griffiths, MCODanzi, Franz (1763 - 1826)Piano Concerto in E♭, Cello Concerto in E minor, Overture in D (CD, 2018)Artists
2017-10-29Christian Spuck, Fabio Luisi, Philharmonia, Ballet & Choir of Zurich OperaVerdi, Giuseppe (1813 - 1901)Messa da Requiem, Ballet (video/DVD, Zurich Opera, live, 2016)Performance, Artists
2017-08-07Riccardo Chailly, Lucerne Festival OrchestraMahler, Gustav (1860 - 1911)Symphony No.8 in E♭ major (video/BD, Lucerne, KKL, live, 2016)Performance, Artists
2015-03-05(various)Waller, Michael Vincent (*1985)The South Shore (2 CDs, 2015)Composer, Works

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