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My CD Reviews

The bulk of the CD reviews in this blog is about music in my personal collection. These are typically detailed reviews and comparisons of recordings.

Listening Diary

The Listening Diary is a vessel for shorter / quick reviews, occasionally also short, compact comparisons of a few recordings.

Received for Review

This covers responses to submissions for review, i.e., artists or composers who have sent me their music for reviewing. I’m keeping those separate from reviews of music in my personal library, just so that you are clear about the “mechanism”: with music that I have purchased, I feel free to express my opinion (and I’m usually quite outspoken) — but with “gifts” (even if they were done with the intent of getting a review), I’m a little more careful. I won’t deliver complacency judgments, though, but will rather refuse to review and/or return the media if I think that my comment(s) might be detrimental to the submitter (artist / composer).

If you consider sending me music for reviewing: note that I’m pretty “booked out”, i.e., I can’t guarantee responses in a given time, nor even that I will review unsolicited submissions (you may want to check with me first). Also, I will only consider reviewing music that falls into what I consider classical music (my key focus being between the 15th and the early 20th century), and which I feel competent enough to comment (i.e., no cross-over / fusion, no Jazz, no folk, no Pop/Rock, etc., etc.).


I’m not an avid reader, so book reviews will remain sporadic in this blog.

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