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Reports from Recording Sessions

This covers reports from visits to recording sessions, to which I have been invited. I’m keeping those separate from media and concert reviews:

  • They are not concert reviews. I don’t sit through the complete recording session(s), often, not even complete movements are performed in one piece, so I merely report from glimpses of the recording process, often / typically involving numerous “takes”, i.e., frequently interrupting the performance. So, typically, I’m witnessing only a small fraction, even of individual works, if not movements. Look at these reports as “teasers” for upcoming media.
  • They are also not comparable to media reports. Not only is there no real audience as in a concert, but also the acoustics are typically optimized for and by the sound engineer, the acoustic balance may appear skewed (as the sound engineer will balance the output from the microphones). Hence, it is hard, if not impossible, to anticipate from a recording session how the final media will sound.

If you consider inviting me to recording sessions: note that I’m pretty “booked out”, i.e., I may not be able to accommodate visits to recording sessions. Better check with me well in advance. Please also read “Concert Critiques & Media Reviews: A Note to Organizers, Agencies, & Artists” (also available in German: “Hinweise für Konzertagenturen, Ensembles und MusikerInnen“)

Recent Reports from Recording Sessions:

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