Ratings — Concerts vs. Media Reviews

How I rate concerts and media / recordings. Rating criteria, scale(s) and detail, how one should / should not read my ratings, their “value”, pitfalls, shortcomings & limitations.

Why Did You Not Include XYZ in Your Comparison?

In response to reader comments & suggestions: once written, my media reviews and comparisons can usually not be amended / expanded. After all, the blog is a “one man show”. However, comments and suggestions by readers can form a valuable complement to any review or comparison.
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Truthfulness and Authenticity in Interpretation? A Reflection

Blog post #473 — Truthfulness and Authenticity in Interpretation? A reflection about the (potential) conflict between authenticity towards the composer’s will and an artist’s “authenticity” in the sense of truthfulness to one’s genuine interpretation. The effect this has on the credibility of an interpretation.

Vibrato, or Not To Vibrate? A Reflection

Vibrato, or Not To Vibrate? Personal reflections about the use (or rather: the non-use) of vibrato, primarily from a listener’s perspective, in the context of “historically informed” performances. The listener’s (and performer’s) potential difficulties and advantages with either option. Also: touching on related issues, such as portamento, glissando