Why Did You Not Include XYZ in Your Comparison?

In response to reader comments & suggestions: once written, my media reviews and comparisons can usually not be amended / expanded. After all, the blog is a “one man show”. However, comments and suggestions by readers can form a valuable complement to any review or comparison.
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Experiences of a Lay Concert Agent

A collection of experiences / lessons learned from organizing concerts / piano recitals for an artist, maybe a draft protocol for future instances?

Beethoven: String Quartets, Addendum

This is partly an anecdotal addition to my review of recordings of the Beethoven String quartets, partly a contribution to my collection of personal biographic notes…

Organ Fascination

(…) once my record collection started featuring organ recordings — though organ recordings took a rather slow and non-systematic start. At least, the beginning was OK — for that time (1970), at least: a box with all of Handel’s organ concertos, played by the Collegium aureum and Rudolf Ewerhart on magnificent organs such as the famous Gabler organ in Weingarten, or the Riepp organs in Ottobeuren…