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    Where is Hilary Hahn? Can’t find her.

    • rolfkyburz – near Zurich, Switzerland – Classical music & concerts: blogging & reviews — Edu: science / chemistry — Past: software support, programming — Hobbies: photography, garden, nature

      Hi Izak, I can’t find her either … truth is that for me as a “one-man show” (i.e., blogger), it is impossible to cover all artists, even if we just look at the top league (and even less so I am able to be even marginally complete in my coverage of classical music — composers and works). I’m aware of Hilary Hahn, of course (mostly through YouTube), even though I have none of her recordings in my collection, and I haven’t encountered her in concerts. I’m sure she is an honest, serious high-quality artist … but there is only so much I can cover.
      Two factors make it less likely for me to review performances by Hilary Hahn: for one, my preferences for CD purchases have distinctly shifted towards historically informed performances. Then, I suspect that the majority of Hilary Hahn’s performances in Europe are with orchestra. However, as I’m no longer reviewing concerts for Bachtrack, my concert focus has shifted towards chamber music and solo recitals. Just for illustration: so far, I have not even considered applying for press tickets with the Tonhalle-Gesellschaft. I’m not even sure I would be eligible. Plus, I get enough invitations for chamber music and solo recitals, which sometimes already overfills my schedule.
      That said: I take your comment as a reminder to watch out for opportunities to review performances by this artist, be it in concert or on CD … without promising anything, though.

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