Dmytro Choni — Piano Recital @ Zurich, 2019-11-19

Concert review, ★★★★½, Dmytro Choni @ Semper-Aula, ETH Zurich, 2019-11-19 — Brahms: 2 Rhapsodies, op.79; Schumann: Gesänge der Frühe, op.133; Liszt: Après une lecture du Dante, S.161/7; Rachmaninoff: 6 Romances, op.38: No.3, “Daisies”; 12 Romances, op.21: No.5, “Lilacs”; 6 Moments Musicaux, op.16: No.4, Presto in E minor; Piano Sonata No.2 in B♭ minor, op.36
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Kogima, Fajdiga, Conus, & Kliuchko — Piano Recital, Zurich, 2019-04-30

Blog post #489 — Review, Charity Concert (Orphanhealthcare Foundation), Students of the Engadin International Piano Summer Academy 2017 @ Zurich, 2019-04-30 —
Richard Octaviano Kogima — Bach: English Suite No.3 in G minor, BWV 808;
Meta Fajdiga — Liszt: Consolation #3 S.172/3; Liszt: Après une lecture du Dante, S.161/7;
Jérémie Conus — Martin: 8 Préludes;
Aleksandr Kliuchko — Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit, M.55

Pietro De Maria — Piano Recital, Zurich, 2016-10-25

Concert review: Piano recital Pietro De Maria, ETH Zurich / Semper-Aula, 2016-10-25: piano works by Chopin (Mazurki op.7/3, op.23/2, op.63/3; Ballade op.23; Nocturne op.27/2; Scherzo op.31) — Ligeti (Etudes Nos.8, 5, 13) — Liszt (Valse-Caprice No.6, Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, Etude No.3 “La Campanella”)

Yulianna Avdeeva — Piano Recital, Baden/CH, 2014-03-08

(…) Yulianna’s playing was excellent! She is very virtuosic and very expressive! Where the tempo permits, she is nearly as clear in the articulation as Steven Hough — but she is way more expressive; unlike Volodos, she follows the score; she is not overpowering the music like Volodos, but has more agility than her Russian colleague (and avoids his unnecessary additions, I should say), she is often almost as fast and eruptive as Cziffra in the virtuosic octave passages, but in general keeps her articulation under control…