Bach: 6 Partitas BWV 825 – 830

Bach: 6 Partitas BWV 825 – 830 — comparing recordings with the following artists: Walter Gieseking (1950), Glenn Gould (1962), Andreas Staier (1993), Gustav Leonhardt (1986), Christophe Rousset (1992)

Bach: Italian Concerto, French Overture (Diary 2013-03-31)

Bach: Italian Concerto in F major, BWV 971 — Walter Gieseking (1940), Wanda Landowska (1933), Gustav Leonhardt (1965), Andreas Staier (1993), Ton Koopman (1986), Christophe Rousset (1990);
Bach: Partita in B minor, BWV 831, “French Overture” — Walter Gieseking (1950), Glenn Gould (1970), Christophe Rousset (1990), Andreas Staier (1993)

Forqueray: The Attraction of the Deep

Totally addicted!! In most of baroque Europe, the number of chamber music works for deep string instruments is rather small. Also, viols were very popular in France and in England (to some degree), but rarely used in Italy in baroque times, but at the French Court there was an entire school of famous viola da gamba players…